Esztergom, Hungary borders Slovakia and lies on the Danube River. Flickr:tatli-delilik

Schonbrunn Palace gardens in Vienna, Austria. Flickr:Anthony Greyes
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Along the Danube-Passau-Belgrade-Vienna aboard the Primadonna

Germany, Serbia, Austria Bike + Barge Tours

Cycle the Danube Cycle path in Germany, Serbia, and Austria

  • Bike and boat tours along the Danube have always been a best seller and this tour will be no exception. Combine an active vacation with luxury, and you have the best of both worlds. Unlike other Danube bike and boat tours, this tour does not loop back but begins in Passau, ends in Vienna, and still includes all the "must sees" such as Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade. Also unique to this tour is that you begin your tour with one overnight in a three star hotel in Passau and embark the next day. The Danube Bike Trail is the most popular trail in Austria, and one of the most popular in all of Europe. It will become a favorite of yours as well.


    • Danube River - Europe's second largest
    • Linz
    • Schlögener Loop
    • Wachau Valley
    • Belgrad
    • National parks
    • Capital city of Vienna
    • Budapest

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  • Twin Cabin - Main Deck Astern (bunk beds): £ 583 $ 1,250 686 $ 1034 NOK 6460 kr 5963 $ 775

    Twin cabin/single use - Main Deck Astern (bunk beds): £ 710 $ 1,524 836 $ 1260 NOK 7872 kr 7267 $ 945

    Twin Cabin - Main Deck: £ 710 $ 1,524 836 $ 1260 NOK 7872 kr 7267 $ 945

    Twin cabin/single use - Main Deck: £ 1028 $ 2,205 1210 $ 1823 NOK 11394 kr 10518 $ 1,367

    Double Cabin - Upper Deck: £ 946 $ 2,030 1114 $ 1678 NOK 10490 kr 9683 $ 1,259

    Cabin/single use - Upper Deck: £ 1600 $ 3,433 1884 $ 2838 NOK 17736 kr 16372 $ 2,128

    Double Cabin - Promenade Deck: £ 989 $ 2,121 1164 $ 1754 NOK 10961 kr 10118 $ 1,315

    Cabin/single use - Promenade Deck: £ 1675 $ 3,592 1971 $ 2970 NOK 18560 kr 17133 $ 2,227

    *Please visit the boat page for description of cabins and bed configurations.

    extra options

    Electric bike: £ 70 $ 149 82 $ 124 NOK 772 kr 713 $ 93 Beverage package on board (soft drinks, coffee / tea, Mosel sparkling wine, quality wine, beer): £ 122 $ 262 144 $ 217 NOK 1356 kr 1252 $ 163

    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    The closest international airport to your tour start, Passau, is Munich (MUC). However closest international airport to the end of your tour, Vienna, is Vienna International Airport (VIE). If you want to fly into and out of the same airport you can plan for your arrival and departure from Vienna International Airport. Otherwise, arrive to Munich, and depart from Vienna.

    Local Travel

    From Munich airport, to arrive to Passau, you must take a bus to Freising train station (approximately €2). It’s also possible to take a taxi from the Airport to Freising Station (approximately €25). From Freising, continue by train to Passau. The train ride is approx. 2 to 2½ hours (depending on connections) and costs €30 to €45 depending on type of train. At the end of your tour, the airport is easily accessible from the main train station by CAT, city airport train, travel time is 16 minutes. In fact, you can actually check in for your flight at Vienna Mitte train station! If you are arriving in Vienna and need to travel to Passau for your tour start, again train travel from the airport to the city center is very convenient and from Wien HBF (main train station) trains to Passau are approximately two hours and 16 minutes travel time.


    Please check local conditions just prior to arrival. A great website to research average high/low temperatures, average rainfall, and more is

    Important Information

    We ask that when booking, you provide names as they appear on your passport. Once confirmed, we will ask for detailed passport information which is required for border crossings.

Where You’ll Stay

One night in 3 star hotel in Passau and 6 nights on board the comfort plus boat, the Primadonna

What’s Included

  • 1 overnight in Passau in a 3 star hotel with dinner on arrival in the evening and breakfast the next morning
  • 6 overnights on board the Comfort plus class vessel, the Primadonna
  • Daily breakfast buffet on board
  • Daily 3 course lunch or packed lunch for the bike tour
  • Daily afternoon coffee/tea incl. cake
  • Daily 4-course dinner
  • Daily midnight snack in the Panorama bar
  • All passenger and port fees
  • 1 body massage (20 min.) and 1 Hydrojet massage (15 minutes) and one men's shave per main deck cabin
  • On-board guide and daily personal route-information
  • Route description and road maps of the routes
  • GPS data of the routes
  • Bus transfer Belgrade–Novi Sad (75 min.)
  • Parking space Passau for the duration of the journey if needed
  • Bus transfer Vienna – Passau directly from the ship to the parked car in Passau if needed
  • 21 speed hybrid touring bike with hand brakes or 7 speed hybrid touring bike with back pedal brakes

What’s Not Included

TypeSelf Guided
Length8 days
From686 Rates
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Tour Dates

Thursdays: October 3, 2019   

Skill Level

This is an easy bike and boat tour that for the majority of the time follows the very popular Danube Bike Path. The route is quite flat, and well marked.

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Passau, 12.5 mi. (20 km)
Day 2: Passau - Schlögen - LInz, 34 mi. (54 km)
Day 3: Bratislava and Schloss Hof, 24 or 29 mi.(38 or 46 km)
Day 4: Budapest and Mohács, 11 or 26 mi. (18 or 42 km)
Day 5: Belgrade and Novi Sad, 9 mi. (14 km)
Day 6: Mohács, 28 mi. (45 km)
Day 7: Esztergom/Štúrovo and Komárno, 33 or 14 mi. (53 or 22 km)
Day 8: Disembarkation in Vienna 

Below is brief day to day details. More complete details pending.

Day 1: Passau, 12.5 mi. (20 km)
Individual arrival to Passau and overnight in a three star hotel. Bikes can be taken for a test ride along the Inn Bike Path, very scenic, well maintained, and signposted trail. A  highlight during you ride would be a visit to the Wernstein Castle.

Day 2: Passau - Schlögen - LInz, 34 mi. (54 km)
Your luggage will be transferred to the ship while you bike to embark. Embarkation begins at 9 am. The boat will pick up anchor at 10:30 am and begin navigation to Schlögen. You can enjoy lunch on board. Once in Schlögen,  you will disembark for a cycling route along the Danube River through the Schlögener Schlinge (Danube Loop)  to Linz. The Danube Loop has been designated a "Natural Wonder of Austria". Here the Danube loops back on itself, forming almost a complete circle. The boat waits for you  in Linz.

Day 3: Bratislava and Schloss Hof, 24 or 29 mi. (38 or 46 km)
Bratislava is a green city, covered by parks and woodlands, forests an vineyards that reach almost into the city center. The boat arrives at 1 pm and the cycling itinerary begins, including a visit to the Schloss Hof, a palace that is part of the imperial estates of Maria Theresia of Austria. You can add some miles if you prefer an cycle via Hainburg and the national park Donau Auen to the castle Hof and back to Bratislava. At 8 pm, the boat begins navigation to Budapest.

Day 4: Budapest and Mohács, 11 or 26 mi. (18 or 42 km)
Today you decide if you want to tour by bike, tour by bus, or stroll Budapest. If by bike, you will enjoy a route that is approximately 18 km and car free, or the longer option to Szentendre and back. Touring by bus is approximately a 3 hours loop.

Day 5: Belgrade and Novi Sad, 9 mi. (14 km)
Belgrade is an up and coming city, yet also one of the oldest. It is the capital of Serbia, and is built on the confluence of two large rivers, the Danube and the Sava. Your route will take your through the center of the city, to the Kalemegdan Castle and to the Saveisland. Later on, bus transfer (approx. 75 min.) to the ship in Novi Sad.

Day 6: Mohács, 28 mi. (45 km)
Stop at the EU-border for border control and further on to the center of the city. You will cycle a loop around the Nemzeti National Park.

Day 7: Esztergom/Štúrovo and Komárno, 33 mi. (53 km)
From Moča to Komárno, you will follow the Danube Bike path. Komárno, is the fortress city with a long and rich history, one of the oldest towns in Slovakia. 

Day 8: Disembarkation in Vienna 

*Important Information:

In case of flood or low tide, the shipping company reserves the right to change the route and/or bridge parts of passages with buses.  Bicycle touring routes may also be affected. In extreme situations, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel the journey on short notice. No legal right shall be constituted of both situations. (Water level is force majeure). The same applies for officially ordered - previously not announced - repair work on locks or bridges or in case of unexpected breakdown of engine or power unit. 

Please be aware that these ships, like all other ships on the Danube, are not just your "floating hotels" but also a machine, running engines,  also during the night. Especially crossing locks and bridges - and the preparation work - may cause noise. If you are sensitive to noises, please bring your own ear plugs.


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Tour Reviews

  • Anna F. 1 month ago     Verified Reviewer

    Primadonna was superb. We had a very relaxing holiday. Crash between boats in Budapest happened the night before the start of our trip so any delays because of this perfectly understandable. The fact that the Danube was very high was again outside the control of the trip personnel and we appreciated the effort put into making our trip so enjoyable.

    Boat: Primadonna

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Along the Danube-Passau-Belgrade-Vienna aboard the Primadonna Boats + Barges

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Primadonna Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary Deluxe Class Boat Experience the elegance of the MS Primadonna, with spacious decks, spa facilities, restaurant, bar, atrium and much more, on a cycling holiday without having to pack and unpack each day. Your boat will await you at your destination every day. You can also feel free to spend some of your time on board where you can enjoy the Jacuzzi on the outdoor deck or the spa area, which is equipped with Jacuzzi, sauna, Kneip basin, etc. All meals on this Austrian cruise line are freshly cooked and have a particular emphasis on regional and organic products.