Old Town in Szczecin, Poland. Photo via Wikimedia Commons:PublicDomain

Family of white storks, the national bird of Poland! Photo by Manfred Heyde
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Berlin to Malchin and Malchin to Berlin

Germany, Poland Bike + Barge Tours

Bike in Eastern Germany and into Poland!

  • This bike and barge tour in Germany and Poland takes you back through history to the past of Eastern Europe. Though the wall has been torn down for about 20 years, the remnants remain. The scenery is beautiful and you will find the cities much as they were during communist rule. The German government has refurbished all roads that belong to the state, however as soon as you enter the cities or villages, and are immersed in each different community, the contrasts and differences between the east and the west will then stand out.

    The highlights of this Europe bike tour include the beautiful scenery, the differences between former eastern, and now modern western Germany, and the bike in Poland with the overnight stay in Szczecin. If you have an interest in the culture and history of Eastern Europe, you will find this tour fascinating.


    • Ship lift Niederfinow, oldest in Germany
    • Island of Usedom
    • Swimming in the Baltic Sea
    • Stunning Peene River, "Amazon of the North"

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  • 2019: £ 1286 $ 2,591 1500 $ 2280 NOK 14250 kr 13154 $ 1,710

    Single supplement: On request

    extra options

    Tandem or electric bike rental (rate is per day):   £ 21 $ 43 25 $ 38 NOK 238 kr 219 $ 29

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    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

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    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

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  • Travel

    There are two main airports in Berlin. Berlin Tegel (TXL), located in the northwest and Berlin Schöenefeld (SXF), located in the southeast. Both are international airports, but Schöenefeld mostly caters to charter flights and low-budget carriers.

    Local Travel

    Berlin’s airports, Schönefeld and Tegel are both very well connected to the city center of Berlin and the surrounding area.
    Berlin Tegel:
    Berlin Transport Services (BVG) operate various buses that leave frequently from the airport to the city center. If traveling onward to Malchin, train travel from the city center to Malchin by train entails approx. 3 to 4 hours travel time with two transfers.
    Berlin Schönefeld (SXF): Schönefeld Airport has a railway station that provides excellent connections (regional and S-Bahn trains) to Berlin’s center and surrounding areas. Train travel time to Berlin is approx. 3 1/2 hours with 2 or 3 transfers depending on type of train and departure time.
    From the train /bus station in Malchin or Berlin, depending on mooring location of the Merlijn, it is either a short walk, or short taxi ride. More details will be provided in your final travel information.
    To travel back to Berlin from Malchin, train e-tickets are available for purchase on board. We can also offer you group transfer possibilities from Malchin back to Berlin by bus or minibus. Arrangements can be made on board. Cost is approx. €350 - €400 total for 8 people.


    Please check local conditions before arrival. A good website to explore regional weather including average high/low temperatures, average rainfall, and more is weatherbase.com.


    Tandem or electric bikes are available for rental for €25 per day. Please note that tandem rental will not be available in 2020.

Where You’ll Stay

Aboard the beautiful and very popular Merlijn, a comfort plus class ship.

What’s Included

  • Accommodation for 7 nights in climate controlled cabin
  • 7 buffet breakfasts and 6 packed lunches
  • 6 three-course dinners
  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and ice water free of charge
  • 24-speed hybrid touring bike with water bottle, bike bag, towel, and use of helmet
  • Daily cleaning of cabin
  • Harbor, ferry, and lock fees
  • Entrance and guided tour of Stolpe Tower
  • Tour guide
  • WiFi on board (only available in Germany)

What’s Not Included

  • 1 dinner
  • All beverages other than those mentioned
  • Excursions, other than those mentioned
  • Transfers (minibus transfer from Malchin to Berlin is available for a supplement)
  • Gratuities
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance
Length8 days
From1500 Rates
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Tour Dates

Malchin to Berlin: July 6  and August 3,  2019

Berlin to Malchin: June 29July 13, and July 27, 2019

Skill Level

Easy to moderate bike and boat tour. Daily distances range from 19 to 28 miles (30 to 45 km)

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Berlin to Malchin and Malchin to Berlin Map


Day 1: Berlin/Spandau - Oranienburg 
Day 2: Oranienburg - Eberswalde 
Day 3: Eberswalde - Oderberg - Schwedt 
Day 4: Schwedt - Mescherin - Szczecin
Day 5: Szczecin - Kamminke, Usedom 
Day 6: Usedom - Stolpe
Day 7: Stolpe - Jarmen - Demmin - Malchin 
Day 8: Departure from Malchin

*Daily distances range from 19 to 28 miles (30 to 45 km) approximately

Day 1: Berlin/Spandau - Oranienburg 
The Merlijn, your sailing home for the next eight days, will be moored in the port of Berlin/Spandau. Embarkation starts at 3:30  pm. At 4:00 pm, the crew will introduce themselves, provide information about the ship, the tours, and bicycles, while you enjoy your complimentary welcome drink. Meanwhile,  your captain,  starts the engine to sail to Oranienburg, your overnight location.  Oranienburg, which received its royal name from the Dutch princess Louise Henriette of Nassau-Oranien (1627-1667), is situated at the northern city limits of Germany’s capital city of Berlin. It is a very popular destination for visitors to Berlin. Here you can visit the oldest Baroque castle of the Brandenburg March area. Since the reunification of Germany, new trade and industry have been established and most of the residential areas have been thoroughly renovated and redeveloped. Roads, footpaths, and cycle tracks have been newly constructed. 

Day 2: Oranienburg - Eberswalde 
During breakfast, the barge cruises along the Havel River to Zerpenschleuse for the beginning of the cycling itinerary. Your destination is Eberswalde along the Old Finow Canal. The mooring spot for the night will be close to the Niederfinow Ship Lift, a highlight you'll explore tomorrow. 

Day 3: Eberswalde - Oderberg - Schwedt 
In the morning, you'll experience one of the highlights of this tour: the oldest German boat lift at Niederfinow which utilizes a staircase lock with four chambers to overcome a difference in elevation of 36 meters.

The Merlijn then continues on to Oderberg. From here, your cycling tour will take you from Oderberg to Schwedt, passing magnificent areas of natural beauty. A visit to the Castle of Stolpe is definitely recommended. 

The Castle of Stolpe has one of the best preserved Medieval castle towers in Germany. You will enjoy the majestic view that extends from the Lower Oder river valley up to Poland, including picturesque wooded slopes up to the beautiful chains of hills in the spacious hinterland. A guided tour through the castle is offered.

Final destination today is historical Schwedt, where the remnants of the lifestyle and atmosphere of the German Democratic Republic are still visible. This town and surrounding region provide a good example not only of the positive change that occurred as east and west merged but also of the upheaval of the German reunification. 

Dinner tonight will be in one of the many restaurants in Schwedt, at your own expense. 

Day 4: Schwedt - Mescherin - Szczecin 
Today’s cycling itinerary will showcase “nature at its purest” yet again. The bike tour leads you to Mescherin, still in Germany in the state of Brandenburg. You will board the Merlijn here to navigate to Poland. Tonight you'll stay in the former German city of Stettin, which now belongs to Poland and is named Szczecin. Dinner this evening is at your expense providing you the opportunity to discover the regional Polish cuisine in one of the many restaurants this city has to offer. Henk and Jantien, your host and hostess, will provide you with suggestions. 

Day 5: Szczecin - Kamminke, Usedom 
As you enjoy breakfast, the Merlijn will continue following the Oder from Szczecin to the confluence of the Oder into the Stettin Lagoon/Stettiner Haff. Passing the estuary of the Oder River and Polish/German border, you cruise through the magnificent Stettiner Lagoon. This lagoon, originating from a glacier reservoir lake, is located to the south of the island of Usedom and its surface area is larger than the surface area of the famous Lake Constance. This is a German-Polish region located at the Baltic Sea definitely well worth exploring and discovering. Today's cycle route takes you along the coast so you can stop for a swim while you enjoy the shores of Usedom. 

Day 6: Usedom - Stolpe
This morning you will cycle across the Island of Usedom to the northern coast. Here you will have a couple of hours to swim, rent a beach chair and relax, or stroll through the charming cities such as Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf.

You will then bike to the southern part of Usedom, to Karmin where you will board the Merlijn and cruise the Peene River to reach Stolpe.

Day 7: Stolpe - Jarmen - Demmin - Malchin 
Your last biking day begins in Stolpe en route to Loitz, another charming village on the Peene River. From here, you'll board the barge cruise the Peene to your final destination, Malchin. You'll also cross the Kummerower See, a 20 km wide lake. 

Day 8: Departure from Malchin 
Departure after breakfast. 


Day 1: Arrival in Malchin, cruising to Demmin
Day 2: Demmin - Jarmen - Anklam
Day 3: Anklam - Isle of Usedom (Kamminke) 
Day 4: 
Isle of Usedom (Kamminke) - Szczecin
Day 5: Szczecin - Mescherin (D) - Schwedt 
Day 6: Schwedt - Oderberg - Eberswalde 
Day 7: Eberswalde - Oranienburg - Berlin/Spandau 
Day 8: Departure from Berlin 

Day 1: Arrival in Malchin, cruising to Demmin
Check in on the Merlijn begins at 3 pm.  Malchin (Peene). After checking in, the barge sets off at 4 pm to cruise from Malchin to Demmin. On the “Amazon of the North” nature lovers can explore mysterious forests, blossoming meadows, and hidden valleys. The trip takes you over the large Kummerower Lake. Its 300-meter-high east bank offers magnificent views of the beautiful landscapes of the Mecklenburger Schweiz district. Your moorage in Demmin is located right in the town center and is, therefore, the perfect place for an overnight stay. The Hanseatic city of Demmin is situated in the Northern German Lowlands where the rivers Peene, Trebel, and Tollense flow together. The city is situated in a very attractive landscape that is characterized by its five scenic and nature protection areas.

Day 2: Demmin - Jarmen - Anklam
While you are enjoying your breakfast, the Merlijn will continue following the Peene River downstream to Jarmen. Here your cycling tour to Anklam will begin. Along the way, you'll visit the village of Jarmen with its St. Mary’s Church, the triangular old and new market, the town hall, and the “Waterstraat” residence with its Art Nouveau elements. Following the Peene River, your destination is Anklam. Before reaching the Haff Lagoon at Anklam, the Peene will cross the largest uninterrupted lowland moor area of Europe. The Hanseatic city of Anklam, situated on the European Road of Gothic Brick Building Art, boasts the brick buildings of St. Mary’s Church and Nikolai Church, the Brick Gate (Steintor) and the Gothic gabled house

Day 3: Anklam – Isle of Usedom (Kamminke) 
From Anklam, you'll first sail to the very charming Isle of Usedom, crossing the Haff with the Merlijn. The Isle of Usedom is one of Germany's major holiday and recreation areas due to its beaches, its natural beauty, and a number of elegant seaside towns such as Zinnowitz and Heringsdorf, which have been frequented by the German and international nobility as well as the general public. It is situated very close to the Polish border as well.

Day 4: Isle of Usedom (Kamminke) – Szczecin 
Today, you can choose to bike a few hours extra on the island to explore the beautiful beaches and perhaps take a refreshing swim in the sea. The Merlijn will then sail you across the Stettiner Haff and the Oder river to the city of Szczecin in Poland. During this cruise, a picnic lunch will be served on board.

On the way, you'll pass through areas of untouched natural beauty. The barge trip continues along the magnificent Stettiner Lagoon before reaching the estuary of the Oder River and the Polish border. Today's destination is Szczecin. The Stettin Lagoon, originating from a glacier reservoir lake, is located to the south of the island of Usedom and its surface area is larger than the surface area of the famous Lake Constance. This is a German-Polish region located at the Baltic Sea definitely well worth exploring and discovering. Tonight you will have the opportunity to discover the regional Polish cuisine in one of the many restaurants this city offers. This will be at your own expense.

Day 5: Szczecin - Mescherin (D) - Schwedt 
During breakfast, the barge leaves Szczecin to return to Germany, where you will soon reach yet another German State, Brandenburg. Your cycling tour will start in Mescherin and will take you to Schwedt, where you'll stay tonight. Schwedt is a historical town where you will be able to discover and experience some of the remains of the lifestyle and atmosphere of the German Democratic Republic. As far as the landscape is concerned, today’s trip will offer you “nature at its purest” yet again. Tonight you will dine at your own expense in the city of Schwedt. 

Day 6: Schwedt – Oderberg – Eberswalde 
Today's cycling tour will take us from Schwedt to Oderberg passing magnificent areas of natural beauty. The tour also leads along the Castle of Stolpe where you will be offered a guided tour. The Castle of Stolpe has one of the best preserved Medieval castle towers in Germany. Enjoy the majestic view from the roof of this tower, a view that extends from the Lower Oder River Valley up to Poland or of picturesque wooded slopes up to beautiful chains of hills in the spacious hinterland. Your tour will take us through many more magnificent scenic areas to the city of Oderberg. Here you'll board the Merlijn and cruise past the oldest German boat lift at Niederfinow and continue your journey to Eberswalde. Our overnight stay will be in Eberswalde.

Day 7: Eberswalde - Oranienburg - Berlin/Spandau 
Today's cycling day explores the industrial history of this area. Cycle from Eberswalde to the city of Oranienburg along the Finow Canal. The route is very level and therefore very easy to do, even for less trained cyclists. You will bike along the Berlin-Kopenhagen and the Oder-Havel-River cycling route. During today’s route, nature and culture will be emphasized. Take a break at Zerpenschleuse where you can have your lunch in a cozy Biergarten. Oranienburg, which received its royal name from the Dutch princess Louise Henriette of Nassau-Oranien (1627-1667), is situated at the northern city limits of Germany’s capital city of Berlin. There are many attractions and sites here, such as the oldest Baroque castle of the Brandenburg March area.  The city is a very popular destination for visitors to Berlin. Since the reunification of Germany new trade and industry have been established, most of the residential areas have been thoroughly renovated and redeveloped, and roads, footpaths and cycle tracks have been newly constructed. But even the brand-new residential and commercial buildings characterize the historically shaped face of this city. At Oranienburg you will reboard the Merlijn for a relaxing afternoon’s boat trip to Berlin/Spandau along the Havel River. In the evening, you will have plenty of time to enjoy a stroll around the beautiful city center of Spandau. 

Day 8: Departure from Berlin
Departure after breakfast. 

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Tour Reviews

  • Nancy B. 12 months ago

    The most memorable part of our bike and barge trip from Malchin to Berlin was the day we biked on the Isle of Usedom. The landscape was beautiful, the beach front area was full of interesting shops and restaurants where we ate spaghetti ice, a childhood favorite treat of my husband. He has waited years to share this moment with our kids. We topped off the day with a swim in the Baltic Sea which was full of big waves and surrounded by soft, white sand.

    • sandy 4 months ago

      Thank you for your review. I went on a tour from Amsterdam to Brugges.
      It was rated EASY and was NOT because some days the biking was
      40 miles on fat tire bikes. I cannot get an explanation as to why this trip has an easy/moderate rating? Are there long hills??
      I'm debating if I should go and if I do rent and e-bike.
      I do hope to hear from you

  • Kathryn H. 12 months ago

    One of my favorite parts of the trip was jumping off the boat into the canal. It was the end of a long, fun day of bike riding. The canal was clear and perfect for jumping. Everyone jumped off and everyone did fun tricks. The funniest was when Paul fell off and I never could keep a straight face around him again (Paul didn't get hurt except his pride btw). Captain Henk even put down a ladder to make climbing to the dock easier.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Kerry C. 1 year ago

    The entire trip was memorable. We had dinner at a restaurant on the dock one night and celebrated a birthday. The live band was excellent and it was a great opportunity to get to know our fellow travelers.
    We booked the trip as we knew that East Germany and Poland was somewhere we would probably not travel to. We were amazed at how vast, undeveloped and beautiful the countryside is. The biking and barging was great!

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Richard C. 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed the quality of the bike paths in Germany.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Patrick C. 2 years ago

    Have done a number of trips with Tripsite and this ranks among the best. The Merlijn was a first class barge run by a first class staff! The biking through the forests and countryside of East Germany and Poland was magnificent and very ably guided. Would recommend this trip to anyone. Looking forward to next years adventure with Tripsite!!!

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Emilee B. 2 years ago

    Great Crew! Very friendly! Food was amazing. Never mind trying to pack a small suitcase, pack a big one there's plenty of room under the bed.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Pat C. 2 years ago

    This is a trip that we probably would not have done on our own. It was well organized with a great crew, about (the Majestic) and guides that were most informative and will to do anything for the group. We had a great diversity in biking ability but all were handled with respect and in a light and friendly manner. The trip through the forests and lands of East Germany and Poland was magnificent and would recommend this trip to anyone. As repeat customers of Tripsite I can think of no reason to book with anyone else! Looking forward to next year already!

  • Judith A. 3 years ago

    I feel our guide could have been a little more organised with our daily route but I also have to remember that the biking from Berlin to Malchin is a route that has not been done very often.
    I am unable to pick one outstanding moment. Just being able to bike in eastern Germany & Poland was so outstanding & while biking to think of all the history of the area. It is also wonderful to think that efforts are being made to make a vast ecological area over the next few years in some of the region along canals where we were biking.

  • Ann R. 3 years ago

    The owners of the barge are on board and are involved in daily running of the ship. They made me feel like a guest in their home!

  • Rita D. 3 years ago

    EVERYTHING stands out! From the greeting & service by the staff, (Lydia/Denisa) the guide Jack, the Captain & Jontein who ran the whole enterprise, Merlijn. The food. Lovely ever-changing table settings, The ample, fresh cabins, fresh flowers, excellent bikes and super maintenance & care, knowledgeable, friendly guiding thru the towns, memorials, history of the area. Capable, expert, amazing,skill of the Captain thru the narrow canals & rivers. The homegrown entertainment. We are putting a deposit on '18. ('17 is BOOKED!)

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Christopher P. 3 years ago

    The Merlijn is a terrific vessel and the owners, Jantien & Henk and their staff are first rate.
    Highly recommended.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Lisa W. 3 years ago

    Everything was great but it was our crew that made it so special.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Joyce Thompson 4 years ago

    We had a great time; the bike guide (Tom) did a super job. Hope we have this same great experience on our next trip.

    Boat: Merlijn

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