Durnstein within the vineyards of the Wachau wine region, Austria. Photo via Flickr:jay8085

Komarno in the Slovak Republic at the confluence of the Danube and Váh Rivers. Photo via Flickr:Janos Korom Dr.
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Danube Bike Path - Passau to Budapest

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia Bike Tours

Cycle through four beautiful and culturally rich countries

  • The Danube Bike Path from Passau to Budapest leads along the beautiful Blue Danube river providing views of wonderful landscape, picturesque villages, and impressive sights from the Roman and Nibelungen times.

    Passing through Nibelungengal and Wachau (UNESCO Region), cyclists pedal through unique and alluring attractions. Framing this beautiful river are landscapes of rolling hills, forests, and meadows. The art and culture encountered are testimony to an ancient history. Inns such as, Weinschenken, offer a chance to experience culinary specialties of the region, while Vienna provides a taste of "The City of Music".

    Continuing on to Hungary, the route passes through the picturesque and diverse city of Bratslava, the capital of Slovakia. Budapest is the crowning conclusion to the journey. Known as one of Europe's most beautiful cities, Budapest is a Hungarian metropolis. With stops along the way at the famous Arabian National Stud Farm in Balbona and the basilica in Esztergom, this journey overflows with culturally rich experiences. The friendly people and Hungarian hospitality make this an unforgettable journey of lifetime.

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  • 2019Cat ACat B
    Season 1 £ 1155 $ 2,327 1347 $ 2047 NOK 12797 kr 11812 $ 1,536 £ 889 $ 1,791 1037 $ 1576 NOK 9852 kr 9094 $ 1,182
    Season 2 £ 1283 $ 2,586 1497 $ 2275 NOK 14222 kr 13128 $ 1,707 £ 1026 $ 2,068 1197 $ 1819 NOK 11372 kr 10497 $ 1,365
    Season 3 £ 1377 $ 2,776 1607 $ 2443 NOK 15267 kr 14092 $ 1,832 £ 1137 $ 2,292 1327 $ 2017 NOK 12607 kr 11637 $ 1,513
    Single supplement £ 377 $ 760 440 $ 669 NOK 4180 kr 3858 $ 502 £ 317 $ 639 370 $ 562 NOK 3515 kr 3245 $ 422

    Season 1: October 4 to October 11, 2019
    Season 2: April 29 to May 17 + September 14 to October 3, 2019
    Season 3: May 18 to September 13, 2019   

    extra options

    Electric bike: £ 137 $ 276 160 $ 243 NOK 1520 kr 1403 $ 182

    Helmet rental (payable locally): £ 19 $ 38 22 $ 33 NOK 209 kr 193 $ 25


    Category A (7 x dinner): £ 265 $ 534 309 $ 470 NOK 2936 kr 2710 $ 352

    Category B (6 x dinner): £ 207 $ 418 242 $ 368 NOK 2299 kr 2122 $ 276


    Passau 3*: £ 47 $ 95 55 $ 84 NOK 523 kr 482 $ 63

    Single room: £ 63 $ 126 73 $ 111 NOK 694 kr 640 $ 83

    Passau 4*: £ 57 $ 114 66 $ 100 NOK 627 kr 579 $ 75

    Single room: £ 75 $ 150 87 $ 132 NOK 827 kr 763 $ 99

    Vienna 4*: £ 57 $ 114 66 $ 100 NOK 627 kr 579 $ 75

    Single room: £ 81 $ 164 95 $ 144 NOK 903 kr 833 $ 108

    Additional nights in Vienna only possible with arrival on Saturday/Sunday

    Budapest Cat A, 4*: £ 48 $ 97 56 $ 85 NOK 532 kr 491 $ 64

    Single room: £ 85 $ 171 99 $ 150 NOK 941 kr 868 $ 113

    Budapest Cat B, 4*: £ 42 $ 85 49 $ 74 NOK 466 kr 430 $ 56

    Single room: £ 71 $ 143 83 $ 126 NOK 789 kr 728 $ 95


    Munich -  Passau (one way): £ 59 $ 119 69 $ 105 NOK 656 kr 605 $ 79

    Roundtrip: £ 102 $ 206 119 $ 181 NOK 1131 kr 1044 $ 136

    Train ticket Vienna-Passau: £ 35 $ 71 41 $ 62 NOK 390 kr 360 $ 47

    Bus ticket Budapest-Vienna: £ 19 $ 38 22 $ 33 NOK 209 kr 193 $ 25

    please note

    If you are bringing your bike, tour discount applies however, there may be a supplement incurred for any transfers.

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    The closest international airport most convenient to both Passau and Budapest is: Vienna International Airport (VIE)

    Local Travel

    From the Vienna Airport, you can take a train to Passau. There are a few direct departures or many departures with transfers involved.


    Please check local condition before your arrival. A good website to use to research regional weather conditions is weatherbase.com. Here you will find average high/low temperatures and average rainfall as well.

Tour Dates


Arrival every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from April 29 to October 11, 2019

Season 1: October 4 to October 11, 2019 (only Sunday arrival is possible)
Season 2: April 29 to May 17 + September 14 to October 3, 2019
Season 3: May 18 to September 13, 2019      

Where You’ll Stay

Category A: exceptional 3-star and 4-star hotels Category B: quaint inns, 3-star hotels and pensions. In Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest 4-star hotels

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 13 nights
  • Hybrid bike rental
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily luggage transfer up to hotel in Budapest , max. 1 piece of luggage per person (max. weight 20kg/44lbs)
  • Welcome drink at the arrival hotel in Passau
  • 1 bottle of high-quality wine in the Wachau Valley per room
  • A tasting of regional products
  • 1 x train Krems – Tulln (incl. bike)
  • 1 x train Mosonmagyarovar – Györ (incl. bike)
  • 1 x ship or train (before/after seasonal boat schedule) Szentendre – Budapest
  • Service-hotline (also accessible on weekends)
  • Handlebar bag with route book, maps and information material per room

What’s Not Included

  • Bicycle Protection
  • Helmet
  • Travel to and from Passau
  • Meals other than those mentioned in included
  • Dinner option offered (Cat. A: 13 x dinner, Cat B: 12 x dinner, Vienna breakfast only). See pricing.
  • Local tax payable on spot (approx.€1-2.50/person/night) valid for Passau - Vienna section
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance
TypeSelf Guided
Length14 days
From1037 Rates
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Skill Level

The tour is mostly flat with some slight hills along the way. The Austrian section of the trip follows well maintained cycle paths, while the Hungarian section follows country roads. Average distance of 30 miles per day (48 km).

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Danube Bike Path - Passau to Budapest Map

Day 1: Passau
Day 2: Passau - Schlögener Loop, 25 mi. (41 km)
Day 3: Schlögener Loop - Linz, 34 mi. (55 km)
Day 4: Linz - Strudengau, 37 mi. (60 km)
Day 5: Strudengau - Nibelungengau, 31 mi (50 km)
Day 6: Nibelungengau - Krems/Surroundings, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 7: Krems - Vienna, 25 mi. (40 km) + train from Krems - Tulin
Day 8: Vienna - Bad Deutsch Altenburg, 26 mi. (42 km)
Day 9: Bad Deutsch Altenburg - Bratislava, 20 mi. (32 km) 
Day 10:
Bratislava - Szigetköz - Györ, 28 mi. (45 km) + train from Mosonmagyarovar - Györ
Day 11: Györ - Komarno, 35 mi. (57 km)
Day 12: Komarno - Danube Bend Region, 32 mi. (52 km) 
Day 13: Danube Bend Region - Budapest, 38 mi. (62 km) + Cruise 
Day 14: Budapest 

Day 1: Passau
Use today to become acquainted with the "City of Three Rivers". Nothing is on the agenda aside from arriving. Take time to stroll through the majestic old part of town or even enjoy a river boat cruise. The bike handover is between 4 pm and 7 pm. For late arrivals is the next morning. 

Day 2: Passau - Schlögener Loop, 25 mi. (41 km)
The first leg of the tour travels through the Upper Danube Valley to Schlögen. Enjoy a visit to Austria's only Trappist monastery in Engelhartszell. Here you can sample delicious liqueurs made right in the convent. Afterwards, continue the impressive journey towards Schlögener Loop where the river makes a complete 180-degree bend. 

Day 3: Schlögener Loop - Linz, 34 mi. (55 km)
Enjoy the special experience of riding through the Eferdinger basin towards Linz, as you cycle past small ferries lining the riverbanks. Afterwards, enjoy a summer evening stroll through the enchanting old part of town in the capital of Upper Austria. 

Day 4: Linz - Strudengau, 37 mi. (60 km)
An excursion to Enns, the oldest town in Austria is highly recommended and worth the visit. Today's journey will take you through beautiful meadows and tranquil hinterland. Passing by, enjoy views of the Celtic village, Mitterkirchen, the majestic church of Baumgartenberg, and the romantic castle of Clam. At the end of today, in the gorgeous Baroque city of Grein, Austria's oldest theatre awaits. 

Day 5: Strudengau - Nibelungengau, 31 mi (50 km)
Cycle through the fascinating landscapes of tall and densely wooded rock formations lining both sides of the Danube. High above lies the Pilgrimage Church of Maria Taferl, while the marvelous Benedictine monastery of Melk greets you from a distance. 

Day 6: Nibelungengau - Krems / surroundings, 31 mi (50 km)
A highlight of this tour is the chance to cycle through the magnificent Wachau. This landscape is filled with terraced vineyards, apricot groves, castles, palaces and monasteries. Should you choose, there is the opportunity to take a break and relax on a short boat excursion. Cycle through the winery villages of Spitz, Weißenkirchen, and Dürnstein on the way to Krems. Awaiting in these charming villages are quaint, alluring taverns ready to present Austrian hospitality at its best. 

Day 7: Krems - Vienna, 25 mi. (40 km) + train from Krems - Tulln
Departing by train from the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Region you will be transferred to Tulln. From Tulln the cycling begins through the Vienna Woods and passes through "The Gates of Vienna". On your way to "The City of Music" don't forget to stop in and visit the impressive monastery in Klosterneuburg. 

Day 8: Vienna - Bad Deutsch Altenburg, 26 mi. (42 km)
Not far from Vienna lies an untouched alluvial landscape and Nature Reserve with stunning and diverse Fauna and Flora. Get away from the city and enjoy the wonderful peace and quiet, interrupted only by the twittering chirps of birds. Here lie the footprints of ancient Romans, left from their days of relaxing in the warm water of Bad Deutsch Altenburg. The Archaeological Park of Carnuntum awaits to take you on a journey through the past. 

Day 9: Bad Deutsch Altenburg - Bratislava, 20 mi. (32 km) 
Cycle on towards Europe's youngest capital, Bratislava. Nestled between the hills of Hainburg and the Carpathian mountains, the Slovak capital is sure to enchant with its mixture of a sleepy old town and modern buildings. 

Day 10: Bratislava - Szigetköz - Györ, 28 mi. (45 km) + train from Mosonmagyarovar - Gyoer
On your way to the Baroque-styled old town of Györ, cycle through the landscape of the Szigetköz. Here you will find an idyllic paradise for birds and fish alike. Amidst this wild and untouched paradise lie more than 500 islands, which house quaint farming villages and a labyrinth of countless Danube creeks. A short train ride to the beautiful town of Györ is the capstone of the day. 

Day 11: Györ - Komarno / surroundings,  35 mi. (57 km)​
World famous for its Arabian horse breeding, the National Stud of Babolna will not disappoint. During your visit to the Stud Museum you can catch a glimpse of some secret Hungarian horse breeding techniques and methods. After visiting the stallions, cycle through the lush rolling hills into the village of Komarom. Here you will find your accommodations for the evening in the favorite village of renowned King Matthias. 

Day 12: Komarno - Danube Bend Region, 32 mi. (52 km) 
Today you cycle down small low-traffic roads next to the banks of the Slovakian Danube. Traveling through quaint and quintessential towns and past the Roman fort of Kelemantia your ride will bring you to the "Town of Kings and Bishops", Esztergom. Esztergom is also known as the "Hungarian Rome" or "Royal City". The Basilica of Esztergom, the largest cathedral in Hungary, and the rest of the town will prove to be a highlight and glamorous part of the tour. 

Day 13: Danube Bend Region - Budapest, 36 mi. (62 km) + Cruise
Amidst the hilly landscape, the Danube river divides to create the Szentendre-Island. On the island, you will get to cycle through traditional Hungarian villages. Szentendre is famous for its numerous handicraft boutiques and the Open-Air Museum of Skanzen. You will take a boat ride into the city of Budapest, where you will discover some of the city's most famous attractions. 

Day 14: Budapest 
Enjoy today in the metropolis Budapest. An optional bus departure to Vienna is daily (every 2 hours) at 11:30 AM. Arrival in Vienna is at 2:30 PM where you will then transfer to a train for Passau (advance reservation required, surcharge applies).  We recommend taking an extra night in Vienna to enjoy the wonderful city and to prevent stress during transfers. 

Train ticket Vienna-Passau is also available on request.

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Tour Reviews

  • William G. 9 months ago

    This was a great trip. The bike trail, signage and printed guide was very good on the section from Passau to Vienna. If we were lost it was due to our own failure to read carefully. The section from Vienna to Budapest was not as clear. There was more road riding, confusing or absent signage, and detours due to construction projects. There were also several stretches where the ‘path’ was gravel/sand or old Roman road. We do not regret doing both legs, but learned that most people do only the first segment and we can understand why they make this choice. Luggage transfer was seamless and all of our hotels provided secure, inside bike parking. We also had great weather, which made the ride much easier.

  • Marion M. 3 years ago

    The city maps could be better! We met 2 couples from Australia and teamed up and rode as a group! Great experience. However, on the last day on the boat trip to Budapest, the boat loaded a group of 19 bikes in addition to all the ones on the scheduled trip. When we got to Budapest only 1 in our group were able to unload, before the boat headed to the other shore. That left 5 of us on the wrong side. The last day did not end as planned. There were way too many bikes on the ship!

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