Taking a bike break in Alentejo, Portugal. Photo courtesy of Tour Operator (TO)
Famous pottery village of San Pedro do Corval, Alentejo, Portugal. Photo courtesy of TO

Biking the Alentejo region in Portugal. Photo courtesy of TO
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Paradise in Portugal

Portugal Bike Tours

A Bike tour from an Alentejo Guest House

  • This bike tour in the lovely Alentejo region of Portugal combines accommodations at an authentic country guesthouse with daily guided or self-guided cycling excursions. Located in a pastoral paradise, your accommodation is a genuine Monte, a traditional ancestral Alentejan farm, complete with orchard, organic vegetable garden, sheep grazing pastures, and an ancient olive grove, where cork oaks and holm oaks grow among large granite boulders. The occasional medieval village welcomes with its typical whitewashed houses trimmed in blue.


    • Accommodation at a beautiful guesthouse
    • No packing and unpacking, just cycling and relaxing!
    • Very flexible tour - kms can easily be adapted to your level
    • Beautiful rolling landscape with vineyards, olive groves, cork oaks and grazing land
    • Very good Alentejo wine and fantastic gastronomy of Portugal
    • Medieval villages and Évora historical center classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site
    • Very small groups (maximum 8 people)

    Portugal is a great cycling country, and the Alentejo, the perfect region!

    If you book the self guided tour, there is opportunity to pariticipate in other guided actiivites such as hiking, kayaking, and wine and heritage tours. Just ask us for details and pricing.

    All of our bike tours in Portugal can be found here.

  • 2019 

    Self guided

    Number of daysTwin/doubleSingle supplementSeason supplement
    Easter, July, August
    Solo traveler
    4* £ 324 $ 653 378 $ 575 NOK 3591 kr 3315 $ 431 £ 105 $ 212 123 $ 187 NOK 1169 kr 1079 $ 140 £ 15 $ 31 18 $ 27 NOK 171 kr 158 $ 21 On request
    5* £ 419 $ 845 489 $ 743 NOK 4646 kr 4288 $ 557 £ 140 $ 282 163 $ 248 NOK 1549 kr 1429 $ 186 £ 21 $ 41 24 $ 36 NOK 228 kr 210 $ 27 On request
    6* £ 494 $ 995 576 $ 876 NOK 5472 kr 5051 $ 657 £ 171 $ 345 200 $ 304 NOK 1900 kr 1754 $ 228 £ 26 $ 52 30 $ 46 NOK 285 kr 263 $ 34 On request
    7** £ 672 $ 1,354 784 $ 1192 NOK 7448 kr 6875 $ 894 £ 193 $ 389 225 $ 342 NOK 2138 kr 1973 $ 257 £ 31 $ 62 36 $ 55 NOK 342 kr 316 $ 41 On request
    8** £ 719 $ 1,449 839 $ 1275 NOK 7971 kr 7357 $ 956 £ 225 $ 454 263 $ 400 NOK 2499 kr 2306 $ 300 £ 36 $ 73 42 $ 64 NOK 399 kr 368 $ 48 On request


    Number of daysTwin/doubleSingle supplementSeason supplement
    Easter, July, August
    Solo traveler
    4* £ 515 $ 1,038 601 $ 914 NOK 5710 kr 5270 $ 685 £ 105 $ 212 123 $ 187 NOK 1169 kr 1079 $ 140 £ 15 $ 31 18 $ 27 NOK 171 kr 158 $ 21 On request
    5* £ 655 $ 1,320 764 $ 1161 NOK 7258 kr 6700 $ 871 £ 140 $ 282 163 $ 248 NOK 1549 kr 1429 $ 186 £ 21 $ 41 24 $ 36 NOK 228 kr 210 $ 27 On request
    6* £ 821 $ 1,655 958 $ 1456 NOK 9101 kr 8401 $ 1,092 £ 171 $ 345 200 $ 304 NOK 1900 kr 1754 $ 228 £ 26 $ 52 30 $ 46 NOK 285 kr 263 $ 34 On request
    7** £ 1008 $ 2,031 1176 $ 1788 NOK 11172 kr 10313 $ 1,341 £ 193 $ 389 225 $ 342 NOK 2138 kr 1973 $ 257 £ 31 $ 62 36 $ 55 NOK 342 kr 316 $ 41 On request
    8** £ 1051 $ 2,118 1226 $ 1864 NOK 11647 kr 10751 $ 1,398 £ 225 $ 454 263 $ 400 NOK 2499 kr 2306 $ 300 £ 36 $ 73 42 $ 64 NOK 399 kr 368 $ 48 On request

    * includes 2 transfers from any route except Monsaraz and Terena (Route 6 and 7)
    ** includes 3 transfers including 1 from Monsaraz or Terena (Route 6 and 7) and guide for that day.


    extra options

    Extra dinners:
    Cooking class: £ 33 $ 67 39 $ 59 NOK 366 kr 338 $ 44 Cooking class as substitute/upgrade for one of the included meals (wine included): £ 17 $ 35 20 $ 30 NOK 190 kr 175 $ 23   Electric bike:
    Per diem:  £ 34 $ 69 40 $ 61 NOK 380 kr 351 $ 46 Weekly: £ 171 $ 345 200 $ 304 NOK 1900 kr 1754 $ 228   Transfers:

    • Transfer from OR to Lisbon Airport to Evora, per person:  £ 64 $ 130 75 $ 114 NOK 713 kr 658 $ 86

    (minimum of two people)

    • Transfer back from any route except Monsaraz or Terena, per person: £ 30 $ 60 35 $ 53 NOK 333 kr 307 $ 40

    (2 or 3 transfers are already included depending on tour length)

    • For clients who book 4, 5, and 6 day tours that do not include route 6 or route 7, upgrade to include transfer to Monsaraz or Terena and back (guide included)  if you want to upgrade, per car, up to 4 people: £ 184 $ 371 215 $ 327 NOK 2043 kr 1885 $ 245

    Equipment rental:
    GPS rental: £ 43 $ 86 50 $ 76 NOK 475 kr 438 $ 57 Phone rental: £ 9 $ 17 10 $ 15 NOK 95 kr 88 $ 11

    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Lisbon International Airport.

    Local Travel

    Transfers from Lisbon airport to Evora are available for a supplement. There is a bus transfer from Evora bus station included in the tour price. Take a taxi from the airport to Lisbon bus station and from there, bus to Evora. Time of travel is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


    Please check local conditions before your arrival. A good website to research average high/low temperatures and average rainfall is weatherbase.com.


    Do note that you are expected to change your own flat tire and do basic bike maintenance if needed on your ride. You will be charged a fee if you need assistance for basic services. Emergency assistance will be a phone call away.

Skill Level

This is a moderate guided or self-guided hotel based tour on rolling hills. You will have sections of dirt road as well and an occasional bike trail. The average daily mileage is approximately 29 and elevation gain is 2,200 feet or 700 m. There are many options for your cycling itineraries and difficulty can range from easy-moderate or even more difficult depending on how you design your itinerary.

Where You’ll Stay

Your accommodations for this tour is a genuine Monte, a traditional Alentejan farm in Evora, Portugal.

What’s Included

  • Self-Guided
  • Accommodations for 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 nights according to booked tour length
  • Breakfasts
  • Welcome snack of wine, cheese, and olive oil
  • Gastronomic surprises each day
  • Bicycle rental equipped with tool kit, front bag, helmet, and back rack
  • Transfer to/from Évora bus station
  • Maps, route descriptions and tourist information
  • 1 dinner on 4 day tours, 2 dinners on 5 day tours, and 3 dinners on 6, 7 and 8 day tours
  • 24 hour phone support
  • 3, 4, 5 night tours: two transfers from any routes except both 6 and 7. You can choose 6 or 7.
  • 6 and 7 night tours: three transfers including one from Monsaraz or Terena (Routes 6 or 7) and guide for that day.
  • Personal accident and third party insurance for the tour days
  • Guided
  • All of the above
  • Entrance fees to the Bones Chapel, cathedral in Evora, and Vila Vilcosa's Ducal palace
  • Two wine tastings for 5, 6, and 7 day tours
  • One wine tasting in 4 day tour
  • One cheese and liqueur tasting
  • Water and fruit for the day
  • First aid assistance
  • Cycling guide
  • Cycling jersey

What’s Not Included

  • Transfer service from airport to Évora - can be arranged at extra cost
  • Extra dinners at the guesthouse – can be arranged at extra cost
  • Lunches (on guided tour, guide will stop at local café
  • All meals other than those included
  • Transfer service for dinners in Évora – can be arranged at extra cost
  • Support van
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance
Length4–8 days
From378 Rates
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Tour Dates


Arrival possible any day, all year long.

*Not recommended for July and August as average high temperatures are close to 90° F.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Paradise in Portugal Map

There are many options for your cycling itineraries. You can enjoy short days or longer days, you can reserve transfers so that you can linger longer at the place that interests you the most.

ROUTE 1 - The Famous Carpets
This suggested itinerary is an easy loop ride from the guesthouse to Arraiolos and then back, following the "green lane", or a rails to trails path. This is a peaceful ride on gentle rolling hills, 10 km of which is on dirt roads. You will cycle past small farms, eventually reaching Graça do Divor, a beautiful and well-preserved white and blue village. This is a wonderful place to stop  for a drink and try delicious (and famous) meat pies.  Following your refreshment, you continue to the the village of Arraiolos, famous for its rich historical center, castle, and embroidered wool rugs and carpets which have been made since the middle ages. A local delicacy that you must sample is the delicious Pastéis de Toucinho. There is opportunity to visit a winery (€6), and a cheese farm that also produces local liqueurs. (Sampling here is €11.) From the cheese farm, you can order an optional transfer back to the farmhouse. If you cycle back to the guesthouse, you pass Divor dam and its lovely lake. You can shorten the daily mileage by 12 km if you do not visit the cheese farm.

22 mi. (36 km) all visits described and transfer from cheese farm back to hotel
28 - 33 mi. (45 - 53 km) to winery and back
43 mi. (69 km) to winery and cheese farm and return by same route
47 mi. (75 km) to winery and cheese farm and back a different route

Level: easy to moderate, depending option and if you purchase transfers. You will cycle on gentle rolling hills which included approx. 15 kms of dirt roads

ROUTE 2 - The Wine and Cork Route
Leaving the farm, the cycling leads through the country in the direction of Igrejinha, a very  "white village" where all houses have stripes of different colors, like a striking painting. There is a lovely winery here that can be visited. From Igrehinha, you cycle to the cork factory to learn how cork is transformed. This will be a highlight of your day. In the same village, you can visit a knife factory and see the process of making kitchen knives, cork cutting knives and others.  Nearby there is a wonderful sanctuary with murals from floor to ceiling. Next on the agenda is the village of S. Miguel de Machede where you can stop for refreshments.

Level: easy will rolling hills (270  m of climbing with transfer, 430 m without).

27 mi. (42km) - with transfer back to farm.
46 mi. (74 km) without transfer

ROUTE 3 - Megalithic Monuments
Cycling from our guesthouse to Évora and to the megalithic area. 

In the morning you cycle to Évora and unravel the amazing history of this old beautiful city, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.
We propose a visit to the surreal Bone chapel and to the impressive cathedral, originally from the 13th century. Finish with a wine tasting in the Évora Wine Tour Shop. After, ride to the country side discovering beautiful holm oak forests and vast meadows. A peaceful landscape of grazing cattle and cheerful birds. Cycle to Zambujeiros' Dolmen – the biggest in Europe, the Almendres' Cromelech - the oldest megalithic monument in Europe with a beautiful view over Évora, the Almendres Menhir and Mitras' Church. A very complete day!

Distance: ​ 
Level: Easy

ROUTE 4 - Conquest of Valongo Castle
The day begins on a road lined with olive groves, with gentle ups and downs until Nossa Senhora de Machede. There is opportunity to visit a traditional leather factory and, if traveling in October or November, an olive oil mill. If traveling off-season, it could still be possible to arrange a tour subject to availability.

Valongo Castle, dating from 1283, is on the agenda as well. Located in the solitary surroundings of Montoito, it stands alone and surreal. Following then a dirt road, through the country at its best, you reach Alcaide Water Mill and continue along the river passing several mills until reaching the main road. If you want to extend your cycling itinerary, you can add an extra 10 km and cycle to the Ervideira winery (supplement of €8). At the end of your cycling day, there is an included transfer back to the farmhouse.

25 mi., 31 mi., or 37 mi. (40, 50, or 60 km)

Level: easy with gentle rolling hills. The last 6 km is on dirt road which you can avoid if you request to be transferred early.

ROUTE 5 - Evora and its surroundings
We propose an easier cycling day, perfect to end with our cooking class! From our farm you will cycle to a cheese factory where you may do a visit and tasting. This cheese factory is very different from the one you may have visited in the Famous carpet route. 
Then cycle to our gorgeous city where you may spend the day cycling and visiting several monuments suggested by us. The city is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site and there is plenty to do and see. After lunch we suggest you climb to Alto de São Bento, a favorite place for locals to watch the sun set.

Distance, 16 to 22 mi. kms (25 to 35 km) 
easy except for climb to Alto the São Bento, which you may chose not to do.
Terrain: mostly flat and mix of dirt track and asphalt.

ROUTE 6 - The Medieval Village
A morning transfer will take you to Reguengos from which you cycle to medieval Monsaraz, perched high on a hill, overlooking the Guadiana River.  The view spreads below for miles. As you enter the village, surrounded by castle walls, it is as though you have stepped back in time. The houses are made of white Schist with blinding white walls. In the area surrounding Monsaraz are several fascinating megalith and dolman monuments. These symbolic remains date back to between 4.000 and 2.000 years BC. Another highlight is the famous pottery village of S. Pedro do Corval. At the end of the day, there is a return transfer to the farm.

19, 27, 31 mi. (30, 43, 50 km)

Level: easy with the majority of the itinerary on flat roads, however, there is a moderate 2 km climb to Monsaraz

ROUTE 7: Wine and marble

Cycling from Estremoz to Terena.

The bike tour day starts in Estremoz, an unforgetable city. We highly recomend climbing to the top of the marble donjon tower, from the 14th century, to take in impressive views.From here we ride to the amazing Vila Viçosa, where the marble used commonly instead of brick gives an aristocratic look to the village, and where you can visit the Ducal Palace, built between 1502 and 1700, or the marble museum.

Continue through the marble land, visit a marble quarry and ride to Alandroal, where marble, the white gold, continues to be the king. Here we recommend a stop at a local café. After we ride to Terena, where we cycle through its very flowery centre. Our ride ends in the amazing fortified sanctuary of Srª da Boa Nova. Even if churches are not your thing, you'll enjoy this one!

20 kms, if you cycle from Estremoz to Vila Viçosa.
30 kms, if you cycle until Alandroal
OUR RECOMMENDATION: 43 kms for all the route

4 days/3 nights
1st day:
 Arrival. Accommodation and dinner at our guesthouse.
2nd and 3rd day: Cycling 2 routes, choice between Route 1, 2, or 5
4th day: Departure.

5 days/4 nights
1st day:
 Arrival. Accommodation and dinner at our guesthouse.
2nd - 4th day: Cycling 3 routes, choice between Route 1, 2, 3, and 5. One more dinner at the farm on one of the nights.
5th day: Departure.

6 days/5 nights
1st day:
 Arrival. Accommodation and dinner at our guesthouse.
2nd - 5th day: Cycling route 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Two more dinners at the farm in two of the nights.
5th day: Departure.

7 days/6 nights
1st day: 
Arrival. Accommodation and dinner at our guesthouse.
2nd - 6th day: Cycling 5 routes, Routes 1,2,3,4 and 5.

8 days/7 nights
1st day:
 Arrival. Accommodation and dinner at our guesthouse.
2nd – 7th day: 5 cycling routes - one free day or one extra route at a supplement.
8th day: Departure.

On one of the nights you can enjoy a Cooking Class on Alentejo food. You will be taught to prepare a delicious Alentejo meal, using fresh and readily available ingredients.

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Tour Reviews

  • Michael O. 7 months ago

    The farmstay outside Evora was fantastic. The food sensational. The riding was great. (If you are after big climbs then not for you). We had an excellent holiday.

  • j michael Cunningham 3 years ago

    My wife, I and two friends took this trip in September. The farmhouse was a wonderful place to stay and rooms and common areas are very comfortable. Pool and grounds are lovely. The farm's owner has a classic car collection that is an added bonus if you are able to see it. Breakfasts are excellent. The staff we dealt with --Maria, Manuela and Johanna--were beyond great. They consistently went out of their way to make sure we had the best trip possible. Bikes were well maintained and appropriate for the terrain. I have been on three self-guided bike trips in Europe and the daily directions here were excellent--the best I have seen. The only caveat I have about the trip is that the difficulty level should be moderate and not easy. Daily trips were challenging beyond an easy category. In fact, four of the five days riding instructions listed the route as a medium bike ride. Other than that a great trip and good value. I gave the trip four stars rather than five Read more… due to the difficulty level.

    • Jehiel 2 years ago

      Thank you for submitting this feedback. Based on your detailed feedback, we have changed the difficulty level to easy-moderate. With this tour being a based tour, there are many possible cycling routes to chose from and with varying degrees of difficulty.
      Thanks again for your input. We hope to help you plan your next trip!

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