Leaning tower of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy. Photo via Flickr:Niels J Buus Madsen

Frescoes in Santa Croce Franciscan Monastery, Florence, Italy. Photo via Flickr:Dennis Jarvis

Tuscany - Round Trip Pisa

Italy Bike Tours

Bike in Pisa, home of the famous leaning tower!

  • This bike tour in Italy is an absolute paradise. Starting the bike tour in Pisa, you will visit all of Tuscany's highlights: the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, the hometowns of Leonardo, Puccini, Pinocchio, and of several other artists and inventors, the medieval city of Lucca, and so much more!

    Taking a cycling tour in Tuscany is an absolute must for cyclists of all levels!

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    Season 1 £ 626 $ 1,261 730 $ 1110 NOK 6935 kr 6402 $ 832 £ 711 $ 1,434 830 $ 1262 NOK 7885 kr 7278 $ 946
    Season 2 £ 694 $ 1,399 810 $ 1231 NOK 7695 kr 7103 $ 923 £ 780 $ 1,572 910 $ 1383 NOK 8645 kr 7980 $ 1,037
    Season 3 £ 720 $ 1,451 840 $ 1277 NOK 7980 kr 7366 $ 958 £ 806 $ 1,624 940 $ 1429 NOK 8930 kr 8243 $ 1,072
    Single Supplement £ 189 $ 380 220 $ 334 NOK 2090 kr 1929 $ 251 £ 189 $ 380 220 $ 334 NOK 2090 kr 1929 $ 251

    Season 1: March 23 - April 12 & September 28 - October 12, 2019
    Season 2: April 13 - May 17 & September 8 - September 27, 2019 
    Season 3: May 18 - September 7, 2019

    extra options

    Electric bike rental: £ 94 $ 190 110 $ 167 NOK 1045 kr 965 $ 125

    Discount for 3rd person in triple room: £ 86 $ 173 100 $ 152 NOK 950 kr 877 $ 114

    Helmet rental: £ 13 $ 26 15 $ 23 NOK 143 kr 132 $ 17

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    Cat. B: £ 51 $ 104 60 $ 91 NOK 570 kr 526 $ 68

    Single room: £ 77 $ 155 90 $ 137 NOK 855 kr 789 $ 103

    Cat. A: £ 86 $ 173 100 $ 152 NOK 950 kr 877 $ 114

    Single room: £ 137 $ 276 160 $ 243 NOK 1520 kr 1403 $ 182

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    Cat. A: £ 129 $ 259 150 $ 228 NOK 1425 kr 1315 $ 171

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  • Travel

    Fly to Pisa.

    Local Travel

    A short bus or taxi ride to your hotel.


    Check local weather conditions prior to departure. Average high/low temperature in °F for Pisa: 63/45 in April, 71/52 May, 78/58 June, 84/63 July, 84/63 August, 78/59 September, and 69/52 for October.


    Extend your stay with an extra night in Pisa.

Skill Level

This Tuscany bike tour is considered an easy to moderate self-guided tour. The routes run mostly on flat areas with some hilly parts, which can be accomplished without much problem with some cycling experience. In 6 cycling stages, you will cover 156/175 miles (250/280 km) which can be reduced by taking a train on days 3, 5, and 7. Most of the path is on asphalted roads with low traffic, however, some parts are on a dirt bike path but not demanding. All cities can be connected by trains with bicycle transport making it easy to shorten the cycling route. The total vertical distance is 1,110/1,640 m.

Where You’ll Stay

Option A: In very comfortable 3 & 4-star hotels with two nights in a 5-star hotel in Pisa. Option B: In comfortable 3-star hotels, with a family-run 2-star hotel in Lucca. All rooms have private facilities and air conditioning.

What’s Included

  • 7 nights hotel accommodation
  • Welcome briefing
  • Breakfast buffets
  • Luggage transfer
  • Route descriptions and maps
  • 7-day service hotline
  • 27-gear Deore Shimano equipped with handlebar bag and repair kit

What’s Not Included

  • Remaining meals
  • Local hotel taxes, approximately €10 to €15 per person
  • Train transfers on days 3, 5, and 7 (total cost approximately €16/person)
  • Additional meals
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance

Extra Stay

Stay an extra night or 2 in Pisa.

TypeSelf Guided
Length8 days
From730 Rates
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Tour Dates

Departures on Saturdays from March 23 to October 12, 2019

*Special departure dates can be arranged for groups of 5 or more

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Tuscany - Round Trip Pisa Map

Day 1: Arrival in Pisa
Day 2: Pisa - Lucca, 19 to 28 mi. (30 to 45 km)
Day 3: Lucca - Montecatini, 28 mi. (45 km)
Day 4: Montecatini, round tour, 36 mi. (60 km)
Day 5: Montecatini - Florence, 30 to 39 mi. (50 to 65 km)
Day 6: Rest day in Florence
Day 7: Florence - Empoli - Pisa, 24 to 39 mi. (40 to 65 km) + train ride
Day 8: Departure from Pisa.

All distances are approximate. 

Day 1: Arrival in Pisa.
Individual arrival to Pisa. This city is famous all over the world for its magic Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) with the unique leaning tower, the bell tower of the city cathedral. Part of the Humanitarian Heritage of the UNESCO since 1987. Besides a large number of monuments, this piazza also offers a friendly and lively atmosphere for a university city.

Day 2: Pisa - Lucca, 19 to 28 mi. (30 to 45 km)
Pedaling north along the Serchio River, you bike in Pisa and through the impressive countryside, you arrive in Lucca. For those who wish a slightly longer itinerary, there is the option of going towards Massaciuccoli Lake before reaching Lucca.

Day 3: Lucca - Montecatini, 28 mi. (45 km)
Through a panoramic road, you reach the little village of Collodi and the town of Pescia. In Collodi, where the author of Pinocchio spent his child- hood, you could visit the famous Pinoc- chio’s Park (created in 1962) and the aristocratic Villa Garzoni. In Pescia, you could enjoy a quiet stroll among churches, palaces, Renaissance mansions and the local flower street market.

Day 4: Montecatini, round tour, 36 mi. (60 km)
Today’s route offers two possibilities. You can relax in one of the most famous thermal cities in Europe and stroll down the narrow lanes of the old city, which is situated on a hill and can be reached by a characteristic cable-railway. Otherwise, a picturesque itinerary will lead you among villas of the Medici family, olive groves, vineyards, and beautiful historical farms. You will also pass Vinci, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthplace, where a visit to the museum is possible.

Day 5: Montecatini - Florence, 30 to 39 mi. (50 to 65 km)
Today you can choose to start cycling directly from Montecatini or to shorten the trip through a short train transfer to Pistoia, rich in Romanesque and Renaissance monuments (in particular churches) and having one of the most evocative squares in Italy: Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square). From here, you begin cycling again, immersed in the Tuscan flatland, en route to Florence.

Day 6: Rest day in Florence
Today is a free day allowing you to decide how you want to spend your time in this beautiful city.

Day 7: Florence - Empoli - Pisa, 24 to 39 mi. (40 to 65 km) + train ride
You can choose to start cycling from Florence to Pisa or take a train from Florence to Empoli and cycle to Pisa along the river Arno.

Day 8: Departure from Pisa.
Your Tuscany bike tour will end in Pisa, individual departure after breakfast.

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Tour Reviews

    • Doug Lay 7 years ago

      I took this Tuscany III tour in June 2012. It was a trip I will fondly remember forever!

      Tripsite and the local Italian tour organizer, Girolibero, provided excellent support from booking, to the tour itself. I was fully informed with information about the routes, hotel accommodations, what will be provided, and what I need to bring. There were no surprises!!

      I always felt safe and comfortable every day of riding. We were taken along the backroads of Tuscany, away from heavily travelled areas. The beauty of the rural scenery, and charm of the medieval villages and towns, were exactly what I had hoped for.

      The hotels were first rate - clean, comfortable and most providing a/c and free WiFi. The breakfasts provided a wide selection of food, something for everyone's taste.

      There were two things that would have made this tour even more enjoyable for me. One, is the bicycle seat. It was a wide, soft, gel seat. Contrary to what would be expected, it Read more… gave me saddle sores. I wish I had taken from hard, leather saddle from my own bike.

      The second disappointment was that the group of thirteen never rode together. Being on my own, I sought the company of others because I didn't want to cycle alone. This was never a problem, but nonetheless, I was expecting there to be group riding. Perhaps that would be addressed with a guided tour.

      All in all, I was very happy with the tour and the wonderful introduction to Italy and the beautiful region of Tuscany!

      Thank you Tripsite and Girolibero for a fabulous experience!!


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